Mickiewicz in 3 voices

CD of cycle of 11 classical songs for baritone and 2 marimbas to the poems of one of the greatest polish romantic poets Adam Mickiewicz

Music Gabriel Collet

Performers: Marcin Bronikowski – baritone; Elwira Ślązak – marimba; Gabriel Collet – marimba

1. To spin love…              
2. I talk to myself       
3. The Storm       
4. Calm Sea       
5. Alushta by Day       
6. Sonnet

7. Alushta by Night              
8. The Akerman Steppe      

9. From a faraway unknown man to a faraway unmet woman                  . 10. The Castle Ruins of Balaklava                 
11. A Farewell

Recorded at the Studio 4/6 of the Polish  National Radio,  november 2022
Recording editing and mastering : Jarosław Regulski

Music advisor: Sophia Muñoz

Cover design: Andrzej Pągowski – renowned polish artist

Publisher: Fundacja Krea Music (fundacjakreamusic (at) gmail.com

Under the Honorary Patronage of A. Mickiewicz Literary Society
Media patronage – Polish National Radio RDC