In his career so far, he has performed with many artists, bands and orchestras, and has toured with Craig Armstrong (Massive Attack) and Anne Pierlé, as well as he shared the stage with outstanding polish pianist Janusz Olejniczak and belgian actor Charles Kleinberg.

Together with Elwira Ślązak, he forms the percussion and marimba duo – Axoum Duo, which has won many awards. In 2007, they released their first CD “Axoum new music for two marimbas”, which received rave reviews in France, Belgium, the United States and Japan. Among the recorded works are three world premieres of works for two marimbas.

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Recitals and recordings of the Axoum Duo are broadcast by European Musiques 3, Radio Bartok, Polish Radio. The duo regularly performs in Europe, Asia and Australia, working with many artists. and baritone Marcin Bronikowski.

Major perfomances:

  • Auditorio deTenerife
  • European Parliament
  • Shanghai Concert Hall
  • Rachid Behboudov Baku Theatre
  • Braunschweig Festival Classix
  • International Marimba Festival Belgium

Marcin Bronikowski  &  Axoum Duo 

A new project bringing together an opera voice with 2 marimbas was
created in 2008, paving the way to a productive collaboration between the marimba players Elwira Ślązak and Gabriel Collet (known as Axoum Duo) and the opera singer, baritone Marcin Bronikowski.

Following the first joined concert, during the X Franz Schubert Music Festival at the Royal Castle in Warsaw in December 2008, which was considered a great success, Marcin Bronikowski and Axoum Duo decided to continue working together, expanding their repertoire to include Polish, French, Spanish composers, as well as their own compositions, arranged and composed by Gabriel Collet. Gabriel also made arrangements of few Franz Schubert songs for baritone and 2 marimbas.
The goal of the project is the development of new artistic arrangement of the natural male voice – the Baritone and the deep original sound of Marimba, an exotic instrument which still remains not fully appreciated within the musical society; an instrument, whose sound is relatively close to the sound of baritone.
This project has already obtained large recognition and interest. As a result, artists performed many concerts in Poland (Cracow, “Two Theatre” Festival-Sopot, Radziejowice Palace, XI Franz Schubert Music Festival), Malmö & Lund (Sweden), Warsaw Wilanów Castle and many others.

In 2018 Gabriel Collet wrote a 12 songs cycle, based on Sonets by great Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz and dedicated it exclusively to Marcin Bronikowski. The premiere of the CD will be in 2023.